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a little about me and my style....

Photography is in my heart and is as much a part of me as my arms and legs.  The best part of my job is hands down the people that I meet along the way.  Getting to know someone through my lens is so very rewarding and fun. I feel quite lucky to have landed this cool gig I call a job.  It is really so much more for me.  

my style

Simple.  No perfection required. I strive to capture the real-ness of each person.  I need you to be yourself and nothing more.

I will spend time capturing details about your kids. big gorgeous eyes, wispy hair, long eyelashes, silly faces, pouty know,that kind of stuff.  The important stuff that you love so much about them.  The things you will always remember.  

I will also spend time capturing the little details I see.  a found ladybug in the palm of a hand, a tin of crayons, a loved 'blankie', a little hand holding a flower, those simple things that made the session special.  These are sometimes my favorite images to photograph.

I keep things as natural as possile, without posing anyone.  I will simply direct you a bit and let life unfold while I snap away.  

Call me, book a session...lets have some fun!

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born to ride…..

Dixon, my cousin is two….and is a pro on his scooter and bike.  Quite amazing to see such a little guy zipping around like he was born on wheels! xox  

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summer days……

have ended.  school has officially started for my crew.  i will miss the summer season….it’s a favorite of mine.  all those lazy days and swimming until you are pruney is the best.  i look forward to next year!  this session was so much fun.  i love capturing people as they are.      

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the adventures of fin…..

fin and i went ‘fishing’ a few days ago.  the weather was perfect, it was just he and i and a few turtles wondering what in the heck the plastic bobber in the water was.  i relish the adventures i have with my boys.   You can see the full slideshow here.

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this afternoon….

included a lollipop for fin.    

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The Gang’s all here….

Our suburban lifestyle lends itself to countless hours of neighborhood kids in our yard, our tree, our house, our sandbox.  Our neighborhood gang is the best and Finley fits right in….

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caught in the middle…..

owen, my middle son.  he just turned 8 and is suddenly so much more grown up to me.  he has the biggest heart and is so genuine. i love to see him interact with fin. they have such fun together.

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knee deep….

in age two we are these days.  all of the family is enduring sweet fin’s ‘learning’ stage.  oh, but what fun he can be!  this image was taken over spring break.  i asked fin to sit next to his big brother….he only lasted a few moments before he did this.  it is shots like this […]

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my three sons….

well, ok…so you only see 2.75 of them.  this image speaks volumes about my boys at this stage in their lives. jackson in the foreground, having no desire to be photographed. Owen in his pretend -play world and then there is Finley, who eagerly awaits his big brother’s next move.  watching them grow up is […]

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along on a walk…..

with maggie and her mom…..and stopping to horse around a little along the way!  

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in the middle of it all….

….is maggie.  close to 13 and full of fun.  i had a great time with her and her parents.  this is my second time to photograph maggie and her family.  it is always great to watch a family grow up! xox

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