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Photography is in my heart and is as much a part of me as my arms and legs.  The best part of my job is hands down the people that I meet along the way.  Getting to know someone through my lens is so very rewarding and fun. I feel quite lucky to have landed this cool gig I call a job.  It is really so much more for me.  

my style

Simple.  No perfection required. I strive to capture the real-ness of each person.  I need you to be yourself and nothing more.

I will spend time capturing details about your kids. big gorgeous eyes, wispy hair, long eyelashes, silly faces, pouty know,that kind of stuff.  The important stuff that you love so much about them.  The things you will always remember.  

I will also spend time capturing the little details I see.  a found ladybug in the palm of a hand, a tin of crayons, a loved 'blankie', a little hand holding a flower, those simple things that made the session special.  These are sometimes my favorite images to photograph.

I keep things as natural as possile, without posing anyone.  I will simply direct you a bit and let life unfold while I snap away.  

Call me, book a session...lets have some fun!

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The new pup……

On our late summer trip to New Mexico we came across this adorable pup wandering the parking area of a busy gas station.  No one seemed to know where she came from and so, we scooped her up and decided to bring her along with us on our drive to visit my parents in the […]

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from the garden.   The garden border was taken from an idea from this cool chica.  There are lots of things growing in the garden right now.  Carrots, garlic and radishes are just a few of the veggies that have sprouted.  The very bottom image is of  the pretty blooms that garlic gives us.  Cool […]

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In the garden….

I came across this ladybug having a picnic on some bad bugs feasting on my garden greens.  Good ladybug, do your job!  I have  oooodles of images to share!  But for now, just this one.  In the mean time, you can follow me and my garden on twitter @realifewithgina 

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Camp Friday in June

This year I am holding a summer day camp for kiddos, ages 8 and older.  If you live in the DFW area,  I would love to share the fun with your child!  Each session is held in my home.  Parents are welcomed to stay as well and join the fun.  Contact me for full details. […]

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wandering the backyard….

      snapshots of my daily wandering through the yard…..

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from the sidelines…..

I love a good experiment.  I have sown seeds both indoors and out and I am waiting to see which do best…..  I used recycled containers (with exception of those cute little pots) to sow my indoor seeds and snapped a few shots of the amazing things seeds do when you put them in some […]

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come and grow with me….

Gardening is something I have always loved doing.  Being outside in the fresh air, digging in the dirt, planting things that will either feed my family or make my yard pretty is total satisfaction for me.  However, a full garden was something I had never done.  I’ve grown lots of herbs over the years with the […]

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art in nature…..

isn’t hard to find.  i am going to share these with my campers tomorrow in hopes of inspiring them to capture their own art in the nature that surrounds them.  might i add, that i am so thankful to have boys who are willing to hold all things creepy while i snap away.  xox   […]

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say the little bees as they buzz around the hive.  i worked with a hair stylist friend for this shoot.  oh, what fun! and with such a sweet little model.   xox

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an afternoon treat….

i took these a few weeks ago in our backyard.  it was gorgeous outside, the light just perfect as i remember it.  fin, albeit sticky from head to toe, was in complete popsicle heaven.  hoping your weekend includes an afternoon treat somewhere along the way!                  

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