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Photography is in my heart and is as much a part of me as my arms and legs.  The best part of my job is hands down the people that I meet along the way.  Getting to know someone through my lens is so very rewarding and fun. I feel quite lucky to have landed this cool gig I call a job.  It is really so much more for me.  

my style

Simple.  No perfection required. I strive to capture the real-ness of each person.  I need you to be yourself and nothing more.

I will spend time capturing details about your kids. big gorgeous eyes, wispy hair, long eyelashes, silly faces, pouty know,that kind of stuff.  The important stuff that you love so much about them.  The things you will always remember.  

I will also spend time capturing the little details I see.  a found ladybug in the palm of a hand, a tin of crayons, a loved 'blankie', a little hand holding a flower, those simple things that made the session special.  These are sometimes my favorite images to photograph.

I keep things as natural as possile, without posing anyone.  I will simply direct you a bit and let life unfold while I snap away.  

Call me, book a session...lets have some fun!

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personal images of myself, my family and my happenings

The everyday……

…at my house.  A boy, a box and a whole lot of imagination.

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The new pup……

On our late summer trip to New Mexico we came across this adorable pup wandering the parking area of a busy gas station.  No one seemed to know where she came from and so, we scooped her up and decided to bring her along with us on our drive to visit my parents in the […]

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What is a girl to do when she comes across the cutest little Valentine cups?  Well, make a fabulous dessert in them of course.  I am fairly certain that this dessert is heaven sent.   It only contains a few ingredients and you cook it in the microwave in less than 2 minutes.  Did I […]

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Everywhere he goes…..

Panda goes.  Even outside to check out what old man winter brought us today.   Fin was loving the surprise snow storm we got this morning and I was ever so thankful for a warm, cozy house to run back inside to after our fingers  froze!

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Jackson and I set out to have some fun with a photo shoot this past spring.  He had ideas, I had ideas…..and we came together to make this happen.    I am so happy with the results.  Our collaboration was great fun!  Jackson is a huge reader…always a book at his side.  He also has […]

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16 favorites….

taken this past spring, before the big kids were out of school.  The weather was perfect and Fin and I spent countless hours outside exploring.  Details can be found below the photo collage.                 I hope your summer is rolling along nicely.  It is flying by in the […]

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my three

I was at a session with my niece and brought my boys along.  At the end of the session we were hanging out together I asked them to each step in front of the camera for a few minutes and do what ever they wanted.  This is what they each gave me…..  

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Camp Friday’s July Sessions

July brings recycled paper crafts that are easy to make and lovely to wear.  I am excited to make July my charity ‘give back’ month.  A portion of proceeds from the July 12th session, will be given to my favorite charity,  Campers also have the ability to create an additional beaded necklace to be sold […]

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The sweet light

I love sunset.  The light is supreme and warm and perfect.  And I love this image of Fin , taken on a warm spring evening at the golden hour.   Out of all the shots taken on this scouting day, this one is by far my favorite.  It warms my heart and reminds me how […]

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A marching we will go……

There is nothing better than the spirit of a two year old.  My playful niece Gabriella is soon to be three and as sweet as can be.  She is like the cherry on top of all those boy cousins that surround her.  All of my boys adore her which I love to see.  I must […]

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