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Photography is in my heart and is as much a part of me as my arms and legs.  The best part of my job is hands down the people that I meet along the way.  Getting to know someone through my lens is so very rewarding and fun. I feel quite lucky to have landed this cool gig I call a job.  It is really so much more for me.  

my style

Simple.  No perfection required. I strive to capture the real-ness of each person.  I need you to be yourself and nothing more.

I will spend time capturing details about your kids. big gorgeous eyes, wispy hair, long eyelashes, silly faces, pouty know,that kind of stuff.  The important stuff that you love so much about them.  The things you will always remember.  

I will also spend time capturing the little details I see.  a found ladybug in the palm of a hand, a tin of crayons, a loved 'blankie', a little hand holding a flower, those simple things that made the session special.  These are sometimes my favorite images to photograph.

I keep things as natural as possile, without posing anyone.  I will simply direct you a bit and let life unfold while I snap away.  

Call me, book a session...lets have some fun!

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Snapshot Sessions – Save the Date for Sessions in Fort Worth!

This year I am offering snapshot sessions.  This session is a quick, 20 minute session for up to three siblings, friends, family members, etc.   Prices begin at $100.  That price includes a 10 image gallery and 3 digital images for your keeping.  I will offer two snapshot sessions in the Fort Worth area this spring.  Dates are March 23rd and April 13th.  This is a great way to document your life year to year!  Email gina@realifephotography for full details!

Spring Snap Shots

by Gina Propp


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November 10, 2015 - 5:07 pm Natalija - Oh my! This sings to me! Your blog post was such a lovely suprsire in my in box this morning! Made me want to get my watercolors out it is so inspiring! I absolutely love this! After years of computer illustration I just washed my windsor newton series 7 brushes and got them all conditioned I'm ready to go! I will look for your tree of life ceramics these are beyond stunning!

January 16, 2013 - 2:40 am Joanna Noga - Gina, anyone can take a portrait, pose the family & done....your style is a whole different experience! <3 Your photos literally captured who Peyton is! You took so much time with her, but it went by in a flash. Within hours I saw samples of the most authentic & beautiful photos I have ever seen! We love your work!! I wish you could follow us as our "family photographer," documenting the hilarity that is the Noga Family! Thank you sooo much for your eye, creativity & geuine love that shows through in each picture! <3

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